Self Storage Sydney Prices

MobiBox pricing is structured to make it affordable. We have bundled transport & storage costs to provide affordable self storage prices. We are committed to structuring our pricing to beat all others in the industry.

Why MobiBox?


MobiBox offers a unique storage unit that caters for just about any requirement. With its well engineered and crafted dimensions, the Mobibox allows you to stand just about any lounge suite on its end eliminating dead space.

We value your belongings as much as you do so, we certainly do not want to stack other furniture or boxes on top of your lounge. This also prevents you paying for space you are unable to use.

With most other portable storage units you are restricted in packing space. The MobiBox was designed by a panel of removalists for just about any piece of furniture you can think of.

This, in conjunction with the help of our clients, we now have a system that works and works well! Its easy to pack and offers a surprising amount of space to pack your valuable items.

MobiBox, Finally there is a better way!

Our aim is to give our clients the solution they are looking for. Our aim is to do this within our client’s budget. And our aim is to do this without compromising quality. This is why we have created special packages to suit the many requirements our clients have requested over the years. Call us today on (02) 9521-6886 to find out more about our packages.