MobiBox Size and Features

The MobiBox size and features make this type of portable self storage the perfect solution. It requires very little effort, and comes without the stress.

You can just sit back and wait for the arrival of your MobiBox. We deliver your MobiBox on one of our low bed, compact trailers with easy access ramp attached.

Our engineers have designed the MobiBox with the help of trained furniture removalists. These removalists understand the detailed process that is required to easily and safely pack your items into a confined space.

Our portable storage unit offers a huge advantage over our competitors as there is no need to pack valued items on top of lounges and other valued items you may have.
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MobiBox Size and Features – Dimensions


2.4 metres (in height) x 2.35 metres (in depth) x 1.8 metres (in width)

The Mobibox product is sufficient in height, width and depth to allow most lounge suites to stand safely on their end whilst allowing room for tall boys, bed mattresses and moving cartons. The MobiBox is manufactured with recyclable and durable raw materials at the same time, it is built to last.

With the support of a panel of Removalists and Engineers that understand the storage market, we have managed to create a product that suits just about any storing or moving requirement.

As mentioned, this vast amount of space allows the majority of all 3 seater lounge suites to stand comfortably on their end so as to avoid stacking other furniture on top. This will also allow for better use of space therefore, you are not paying for storage space you cannot use.