MobiBox Portable Self Storage


Do you need a portable self storage solution?

MobiBox portable self storage offers the perfect solution.

It requires very little effort, and comes without the stress.

With MobiBox you can avoid hiring expensive trucks, vans and utes.


You can just sit back and wait for the arrival of your MobiBox.


We will deliver your MobiBox on one of our low bed, compact trailers with easy access ramp attached.

You load your belongings and let us know when it is ready for collection. We will come and collect your MobiBox when it suits you.

This will take the stress and panic out of packing and storing your belongings. You take control and pack it at your own pace.

Spend more time packing your belongings properly and less time watching the clock. This will also save you on removalist fees.

With this new portable self storage system we have the flexibility to cater to just about any storage requirement.

Many of our clients have used MobiBox for storing valuable items they have no space for but are unable to part with.
Others have used MobiBox for de-cluttering prior to putting their home on the market.
A number of clients have found this to be an easy and stress free way of relocating their belongings from one household to another.

If you don’t believe us, go to the experts for their opinion! Sutherland Shire Storage proudly endorses MobiBox.

Could you imagine taking the stress out of moving day? NO, well now you can.

Whatever it is you need to store or move, we have the solution for you. Call us on (02) 9521 6886 for a free consultation with one of our trained portable self storage team members.

Stop storing the hard way, give MobiBox a try today!